Experience is a horrible teacher.
You take the test
before you get the lesson

Experience. Everyone wants it but you can’t get it until you have it. You can’t buy it but you can sell it. But you are interested in my work experience,so where do I begin

My first job was running my grandfather’s small sporting goods store when he got sick.. I was 14. The first experience I got paid for was scooping ice cream and slicing boiled ham at the deli. The Air Force gave me a lot of experience most of which can’t be used without presidential approval. I did get a good schooling in photography and four years as a photographer lead to my first civilian job as a newspaper photographer. Exciting for a young man chasing fires, not so much “grip and grin” political ceremonies.

College seemed like a good experience builder. University of Georgia with a degree in radio/television. Thanks to my old speech teacher in high school my voice landed me a nice gig on a commercial radio station while going to school. Getting experience as a television reporter was harder than it looked. A few years of that grind and advertising seemed like a good outlet for somebody who is very creative and with experience in writing, producing radio&television, photography and some business sense

. But you probably want to know about my experience since selling my soul to the gods of advertising. Well that’s another story isn’t it.. and you will find it at the bottom of this portfolio page. No skipping ahead to see who done i Be sure to play the video and audio samples so you can see the result of the experience up until now.

  “the story’s the thing wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the consumer,” 
                                                         with apologies to WS.

The perfect advertising vehicle.
Where else are you going to find 17 million customers held hostage every day?

I heard it on
the radio

The perfect vehicle perhaps because where else can you find millions and millions of potential customers isolated and held virtual prisons everyday… thank you traffic jam. OK, now that you know your potential customer is available what are you going to do? First target him, talk to smooth jazz, hip hop, country, alternative, oldies, A format for every taste, and a platform for every message. 

Now here is the tricky part. Tell him a story. A story that takes place in a very private place… his mind. A story that sticks to the inside of his head. A story that he can’t forget. A story that makes him say… tell me more… . Now you need a story that can be told over and over and over without boring him. It has to be interesting, funny, sad, inspiring,something that will move his heart and make him like you before he even knows you. Don’t be boring !!!

Nobody was ever bored into buying anything.

This of course is where I come in. The story teller. 

samples are below. Take them for test drive you will see what I mean. 

Save your best stories for the widest audience. 


Idiot Box.. Vast Wasteland..and..
the most effective mass media ever devised.

Despite the rise of the world wide web and the proliferation
of screens everywhere, Television remains the dominant medium. Millions of
people (USA) spend four or more hours a day in front to the television. And
today there are more choices than ever, so the STORY you have to tell had
better be interesting, moving and memorable or you just wasted your money. 

Breaking from traditional concept. The Hyundai stories pushed the brand from unknown to top of mind consumer choice in less than three years. 

A shelf full of creative awards and still my cat is unimpressed. 

Well Told

The concept that somehow the medium is the message continues today. First radio was going to kill newspaper, then tv was going to destroy radio and now the internet and your web presence is all you need for effective marketing… WRONG.

Effective marketing needs a variety of delivery vehicles. Print, Outdoor, Events, Television, Radio and of course World Wide Web. All that needs  an effective STORY.
 So What’s yours???

The Road Well Traveled

  • Born McKeesport, PA
  • BA/Journalism.Univ of Georgia
  • Commercial writer/announcer.
    WJJC, Commerce, GA
  • Reporter/Photographer. KCRG-TV
  • Commercial writer, producer, photographer,KCRG-TV
  • Writer/producer.
    Winner Communications
  • Senior Writer/Producer.
    First Marketing Group
  • Senior writer/producer. BackerSpielvogel
  • Senior writer/producer.
    Bates International
  • ACD/Senior Writer. Saatchi&Saatchi/NYC
  • Creative Director.
    BMC software
  • Freelance writer,producer,photographer,editor
  • Duffer, in the rough looking
    for my shot

My story

It’s a cold April day in New York City.

An upstart Korean company that has a worldwide reputation for building heavy diesel locomotives has decided to start making cars and they want to enter the US market. 
They come to Backer/Spielvogel Advertising because of the work we had done on Miller Lite Beer (Less Filling/Tastes Great) and rightly calculated that if this creative team could sell watered down beer to Bud drinkers, then they should be able to sell a cheap Korean car to Americans. 
As the Senior Copywriter and Television Producer it was my task to make Hyundai a national Brand… 5 years later, Job Well Done… and a move to a larger agency was at hand.
 Saatchi&Saatchi and Toyota were the next challenge. Now an Associate Creative Director responsible for Toyota advertising creative. Awards were won, sales were increased and everyone was happy… except me.
Began to hate New York City, had been exposed to the intoxicating aroma of the oil patch in Houston and wanted to make a change. Immigrated to “the space city” and sold my creative concept to the highest bidder for a time before an exciting Software company came calling. 
Taking the title of Creative Director at BMC software with a staff of 15 was a new challenge, but in hindsight a bad move. They say that timing is everything and it appears that “they” are right. The Tech Bubble was about to burst and to save the BMC ship they had to jettison the entire advertising and marketing department. Oh well, it was a fun ride while it lasted, got some lovely parting gifts and decided to put some real effort into my golf game…( going to correct that slice if it kills me)
Which brings me to today. After a few years of dabbling and working with some old friends’ on several internet marketing sites,  I find myself in need of a new challenge.
As you can tell, I have extensive experience, an understanding of marketing/advertising  and the desire to do good work. 
After all, I can only play so much bad golf.

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